Keosu is the first CMS that build cross-platform mobile apps.

This documentation will help you take control of the Keosu CMS. At the end of your reading you will be able to create your application from A to Z in complete autonomy.

  1. Technologies
  2. Features
  3. What's included
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keosu technologies


It has never been easier to create mobile apps. Develop beautiful native mobile apps iOS, Android & Windows Phone, quickly and inexpensively.


Reach a wider target by publishing your app to the top three stores: iOS, Android & Windows Phone, with a single code!


From our API / Framework, create your themes, gadgets & custom plugins.

Native Features

Keosu CMS lets you take advantage of all the native mobile features, such as push notifications, accelerometer, or geolocation.

Content Management

Manage your content simply from our CMS.

Content Import

Import all your content from your website!

Open Source

Keosu is not only free but also scalable as he intended to be continuously improved.

What's included

Once you download the package, you can see a folder with several files and sub folders. You can read description of some important files in continue.

  • keosu
    • appThe heart of your app
      • configThe config part
        • parameters.ymlThis is where you connect your database and configure the installation
      • logsSome nerd stuffs
      • ResourcesCreate or edit features for your final app
        • packagesThis is where it happens
      • sessions
    • assets
    • bin
    • srcA place for nerds. You can develop awesome features from here
      • CoreBundleThis is where it happens
      • DataModelThis is where it happens
      • GadgetThis is where it happens
      • ReaderThis is where it happens
      • UserBundleThis is where it happens
    • varA boring place
    • vendor
    • webWhere you find templates and themes
      • keosuDesigner paradise
        • templates
        • themes

Continue reading

It's time to see and read other pages of this documentation to learn how you can take control on the first CMS app builder! Don't worry about reading time, you can check each element in a couple of minutes and come back to the documentation page once you want to use them.